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I want to emphasize on one thing. I do not wish to be credited or thanked for uploading this on YouTube this time. All the credits should go to the anonymous ripper on the /co/ thread on 4chan. (Let me know if this thread 404s in a couple of days so I can replace it with an archive. That's how 4chan works, right?)

While searching for something to download because I'm a lazy fuck and I'm not murkan like the rest of the world, I just happened to come across a 4chan post on the /co/ sub-forum in hopes of finding something and look at that, I found something.

But again, and I'm saying this just because I'm nice, I do not wish to be credited. If you want to credit someone credit the person that uploaded the separate intro and ending credits on Zippyshare and posted it on 4chan for all to see. I'm just merely doing my part on posting it on YouTube because hey, why not. Besides I'm doing my part as a person who's uploaded a ton of logo idents so, here's another one to the mix.

Taken from the sneak peek of the episode "Fun Dungeon Face Off" available at the Cartoon Network website(?). I call this a second variant because the pilot that was put on the website came with a different variant and was already uploaded bt TheCNWorldX:

It bugs me that there's a watermark but whatever. I can't demand too much out of someone. Unless if said person did a horrible crime to creativity, but this is not the case.

And again, thank you /co/. You can get all the credits for this one. Even though I'm pretty certain you guys don't care about logo idents enough to need them. but anyways

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